Benromach Organic

Benromach Organic


Speyside, Scotland
Best served:
Lush virgin wood encased in a mustiness that is cut through by papaya, pepper, honeyed fruit, pine cones, freshness and some lollies!
Tasting notes:
The theme portrayed by this whisky is a youthfulness that delivers pulses of fresh – almost sappy – new wood; a necessity so this whisky could in fact be called 100% organic. There is no sherry or bourbon influence in this whisky, just the wood and the organic ingredients.
I had the opportunity to taste this whisky at home, and to be honest I was initially disappointed. Rather than write a review, I let the whisky rest in the glass for half an hour and returned to it. Much better! The burst of immaturity I got had dissipated, and in its place was a beautiful lush oak with a shimmer of honeyed sweetness and some peppery notes (almost like papaya seeds smelt while still on the fruit).
Nose: This whisky releases a freshness that wafts up in the glass and carries freshly cut papaya drizzled with honey, as the seeds provide some sparks of pepper encased in earthiness and the fruit a mellow sour-sweetness. There is a mustiness about this whisky that over time develops into fresh oak and tree sap as mild notes of fresh ginger chime in the cloud of young whisky. Let the whisky rest further and find ground cocoa and fresh pine cones while an astringent (but pleasant) punch of alcohol remains a constant and cuts through the gentle lolly-shop sweetness (green, red, yellow and orange jelly beans) and wet dough.
Taste: Gentle on the palate, a mild honeyed sweetness takes shape within the dry oak laden bitterness that develops. The soft and fresh wood is a constant theme as a sweet sappiness is evident on the palate, and all the while the buzz of ginger and lime zest glows.
Finish: This whisky offers a descent finish that radiates a lush bitterness; very “natural”!
A beautiful nose prepares the palate for a very new whisky experience; an all organic and “virgin” wood matured spirit!
The whisky has undertones of immaturity and a bitterness that struggles to find balance
$100 (Aus), $56 (US)

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