Cutty Sark Storm

Spirit Name:
Cutty Sark Storm

Medium, but dense and energetic 
Best served:
Neat, in a cocktail 
The Cutty Sark Strorm beams with a youthful energy and swirls on the palate with luscious maturity; a near perfect storm of crispness, fruitiness, richness and freshness all bound together by a malty charm and character that makes Cutty Sark truly distinctive. 

Tasting notes:
This whisky honour’s the fearless voyages of the Cutty Sark, the clipper ship whose name is taken from use use of the term “cutty sark” (Scots, meaning short shirt/skirt) in the poem “Tam O Shanter” written by Robert Burns in 1790. The Cutty Sark had many voyages, including trade between the United Kingdom and Australia which pretty much meant sailing across most of the world. 

The Cutty Sark Storm is beautifully crafted, and it is without hesitation that I add it to my list of best value whisky

Nose: Crisp, fruity, rich and fresh, this whisky has a delightful nose that is neither too potent nor too dull. It strikes the nose with charm, having just enough energy to delight the senses without overpowering them. It offers a crisp piercing alcohol and a mild acidity in the form of crushed lime and lemon leaves. A mild fruitiness glows in the background against the rich maltiness, with sweet peaches and freshly peeled orange alongside a fresh gelatinous wave that carries freshly cut grass and a youthful energy that beams with brightness. With that piercing alcohol is the malt and beautiful barley, accompanied by the occasional crackle of grain; beautiful blending! This is a great example of fine blending, because the depth from the older malts interact nicely with the crisp youthful energy of the younger whisky.  
Taste: A mild matiness develops with a rich gooey licorice and the snap of flinty grains that spark in a backdrop of orange liqueur. There is a subtle earthiness about this whisky, that rekindles memories of sipping an anejo tequila; certainly the agave is not there but there is something conjuring memories of the earthy laden caramel rich traits of aged tequila. It is almost in between earthy and caramel rich, hence best described as the “earthy laden caramel” character of anejo tequila.The mouth-feel is beautiful, with a creaminess that coats the palate with a beaming youthful energy and some mature notes as well. If anything, this whisky has notes of orange liqueur and cream at its heart with complex shades of mild earthiness, malt and orchard fruit. 
Finish: Gelatinous orange glazed poppy seed cake layered with that orange liqueur remains with some malty notes and an electric charge of spice that sees the last thunderbolt of an almost perfect storm.    
Many layers of complexity lie hidden within this whisky, which is astonishingly good value. It is rich with a creamy mouth-feel and offers just enough nudge, without overpowering.
Not much. Despite being at 40%, this featherweight packs a serious punch!
£21.35 (UK)

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