Bar Review: Cure Bar & Eatery

Cure Bar and Eatery on Urbanspoon

Ambiance: ★★★★
Staff knowledge: ★★★★★★
Spirits diversity: N/A
Whisky diversity: 
Food: N/A 

Overall impression

Cure Bar is possibly the friendliest bar in Melbourne. When I visited on a week night it was full and buzzing with energy and happy faces sipping whisky, wine and beer. It offers a lovely décor and an ambiance that is inviting and welcoming, and strikes a great balance between the rustic suburban bar feel and the more glitzy city based bar environment. Cure bar is one of those places that I would not hesitate visiting alone, with my partner or a large group. It is that type of bar; just a great place to sip a drink.  


The main feature I look for in a bar is its “ambiance”. How does it “feel” when I am there? This does not just mean being surrounded by pretty shiny things, but space, room, friendly people, the “vibe”, lighting, noise etc. Sometimes a bar can be too glitzy with the most uncomfortable seating, while others can be too noisy and cramped. Cure Bar strikes a great balance between homely comfort and some inner city bar décor to create a comfortable, welcoming, and very nice environment in which to enjoy whisky, wine, beer… whatever really. It has very comfortable cushioned seats with tables by candle light and bar stools along the bar.

Staff knowledge

The staff at Cure Bar are among the friendliest you can find, and have excellent knowledge about all things whisky. Their passion for whisky is reflected in their preservation of “rare finds” which are lined around the bar, and this includes an Old Malt Cask Port Ellen etc.


The service is quick and efficient, and the servings are generous and measured. The staff have an interest in what customers think about the whisky, so the bar has an almost club-like feel. 

Whisky diversity

The whisky list is not endless, but it is enough for a whisky drinker to enjoy. It has quite a few expressions from Campeltown, the forgotten whisky region of Scotland. I relished in a Port Ellen while there and will return very soon for some more whisky.


There are a few bars in Melbourne that offer good value, and Cure Bar is among them. As I have said, their servings are generous and measured and their prices are good. You can find a list of their whiskies on the Cure Bar website:
Next time you are in Carlton, be sure to visit Cure Bar. Saluti!

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