Bruichladdich Laddie Classic

Spirit Name:
Bruichladdich Laddie Classic Edition 01


Islay, Scotland
Medium (sharpens in the middle) 
Best served:
A coastal earthiness weaves around a fresh floral bouquet that is lashed by bitter oak and the shining glow of sweet preserved fruit and lemon based bitterness that develops into coffee bean and cocoa 
Tasting notes:
From the heartland of peated whisky comes the unpeated – yes, you read correctly, peat free – Bruichladdich. How can such a thing happen? The smart folks at Bruichladdich have done lots of research into what gives whisky its flavour, and I am told they want to give the world the taste of coastal Islay but without the peat; interesting idea!

Nose: Sometimes we walk our King Charles Cavalier, Henry, along Altona Beach (Melbourne) away from the hustle and bustle and towards the “dog beach” where lush green grass and flowers dotted on the landscape meet the salty sea water bashing against the sand. This whisky reminds me of those walks: the fragrance of flowers and lush meadows provides a sweet freshness that is met with the salty earthiness of the beach. This is simply beautiful whisky on the nose. 
As the whisky rests in the glass, sweet fruit develops on the nose. The fruit is ripe and luscious, almost like a banana and banana compote with lemon myrtle; strange aromas for Scotland but it is amazing what the lashings of coastal air can bring to Islay together with the oak and its previous contents!  
Taste: The sweet syrupy compote slams against the tongue in a wave of sugary fruit that melts on the mouth like butter. Just as the whisky risks being too sweet, the spicy oak pulls in the reigns and provides s sharp cutting bitterness that is accompanied with a bright glow of sweet glazed cherry. There is a buttery taste on the finish, that rests on the base of the tongue with the sweetness and bitter burnt lemon; this is no fresh sharp lemon but dense burnt lemon and distilled like oil extract. The lemon beautifully compliments the lemon based fragrance on the nose.   
Finish: A pulsating bitterness lingers on the tongue as that creamy butter and mild glow of sweetness lingers, but the sweet glazed cherry develops into cherry jam with some cream and bitter earthy coffee beans coated with dark chocolate. The bitter oak constantly buzzes in the background. 
$90 (Aus) 

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