Dewar’s Signature ★

Spirit Name:
Dewar’s Signature Blended Scotch

Medium (dense with sharp sparks, lovely)
Best served:
A bouquet of fresh floral notes merge with berry laden Christmas cake with shavings of fresh lemon peel and vanilla bean; scrumptious!

Tasting notes:
Day 4 of my “The Week I Turned 30” has arrived, and I have decided to move away from the theme of old and rare – Brora, mid 1990’s Red Label and St Magdalene – to review a super premium whisky from the House of Dewar’s: Dewar’s Signature.
Dewar’s Signature is a blended Scotch whisky, which means that it has malt and grain whisky. At the heart of this blend is 27 year old Aberfeldy, a distillery from the southern Highlands of Scotland. What I particularly love about this whisky is its richness and complexity that leaps out of the glass with elegance and a very pleasing balance. Dangerously drinkable, this whisky can make a rich person poor at its price so be sure to exercise some self control people!
Nose: A bouquet of freshly cut flowers sits in the background as the aroma of Christmas cake fills the air layered with tart and sweet berries, sliced orange and vanilla bean.
Taste: This whisky offers a sharp snap of orange peel marmalade on the palate that softens into milk chocolate splashed onto fresh mandarine segments. The citrus notes progressively develop, as the fresh and gentle mandarine morph into orange just as the bitter zest dominated to once again transform into bitter burnt orange and orange essence. With a splash of water the citrus lightens to lemon zest sponge cake with some oat cake notes.  
Finish: The bitterness explodes into a dry smoke with a note of honeycomb.
Magnificently complex with many layers to explore, beautiful balance
$249 (Aus), £205 (UK), ~$200 (US)

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