Thomson 2 Tone

Spirit Type:
New Zealand  
Medium (initially piercing not bot overly so)  
Best served:
Piercing oak and and wood spice (nutmeg in particular) moderated by beautiful NZ wine influence, berries and candied fruits 

Tasting notes:
Nose: Soft shimmering nutmeg rests on a bed of subtle licorice inspires spice (star anise, anise seed) and fresh oak that glows with maple and a moist sap. This is extremely well crafted whisky, with striking notes of oak and spice  that are mellowed by a luscious berry fruits and candied apricot. This superb whisky has been aged in two kinds of casks, including European oak that has held New Zealand whisky. This wine influence from one of the world’s supreme white wine (and pinot noir) growing regions explains the beautiful dry-sweetness in this whisky, that reacts very nicely with the oak. I have tasted the older Thomson expressions, but the 2 tone is by far my favourite of the bunch because it offers superb balance. 

Taste: A surge of oak bitterness hits the palate with wood spices as candied apple brings a wave of sweetness to moderate the dry wood. The apricot on the nose becomes more subdued, as raspberry and blackberry offer a sharp tartness with a lovely gooey caramel sweetness.

Finish: The wood spices linger on the palate as the caramel sweetness balanced out the oak. 

This is seriously beautiful whisky, without the sharp cutting oak I found in the older Thomson expressions. The influence of the NZ wine is beautiful .   
While this whisky is smooth, beginners should be wary because it (in my opinion) offers a distinctive character  
$66 (NZ)

One thought on “Thomson 2 Tone

  1. This is evey drop as good as benchmark Speysides like Mcallan 12 or Aberlour 12 but a fraction of the price. Big adantage of the Two Tone is no Sherry cask maturation that makes this style of Scotch quite unique and its not coloured. Great dram.

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