Precious Vodka

Spirit Type:
Spirit Name:
Precious Vodka
Seriously smooth, presence in the glass, great mixer

Tasting notes:
Nose: The waft of alcohol meets the nose with some dark berry and cherry stones. This is very light without any overpowering character, and instead the creamy alcohol and cutting graininess shines though.
Taste: This is seriously smooth vodka, and that would be expected as it has been distilled six times. This would be a suburb mixing vodka, because it has the presence of alcohol without noticeable harshness or a dominant flavour profile that would dominate the other ingredients in, say, a cocktail. This is certainly uninteresting served neat, but I think if in a cocktail or mixed it would be brilliant and do a great job.
Finish: This vodka almost dances on the tongue and then disappears, as though I am sipping smoke (totally expected in a Bulgarian vodka… you’d understand if you have been to Bulgaria). Beautiful finish, with notes of sour grape in the end.
Smoothness and subtlety that also commands a serious presence
Uninteresting when served neat
$120 (Aus), £45 (UK),

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