McHenry Puer Vodka

Spirit Type:
Spirit Name:
McHenry Puer Vodka
Tasmania, Australia
Fresh, light and crisp with sugary sweetness moderated by earthiness
Tasting notes:
Nose: Soft and supple, there is almost no noticeable alcohol in the glass. This seems to be characteristic of McHenry products I have tried (gin and whisky). It is light and fresh, with the burst of fennel mingling with tart under-ripe green grapes. As the vodka rests in the glass, the gentle waft of star anise develops with notes of earthiness.
Taste: This is beautifully distilled, because while it has a burst of flavour there is no harsh alcohol lashing the tongue. That star anise on the nose develops into black licorice based jelly bean but just as the sugary notes take hold they are wiped away by a grainy earthiness and an almost cough syrup character.
Finish: This vodka offers a warm and lingering finish, with bitterness remaining on the base of the tongue for a long while.  
This is a fresh vodka that is crisp, light and wonderfully drinkable and interesting
The cough syrup notes
$50 (Aus)

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