Crystal Head Vodka

Spirit Type:
Spirit Name:
Crystal Head
Big licorice based lolly-shop theme
Tasting notes:
Nose: The aroma of blackberry and licorice candy strips fills the glass, as the piercing alcohol becomes more and more subdued as the vodka rests in the glass. After a while, this vodka relaxes and its initial burst of alcohol dissipates and gives way to a sweet lolly/candy shop fragrance: licorice sticks, black jelly beans, anise seed and some mint leaves. It is also creamy, with some mild whipped cream layered with anise seed. As you can probably tell, this vodka is very “licorice” based on the nose.
Taste: An initial burst of alcohol is followed by some sweet creaminess as that licorice theme develops in the form of a stale licorice cube that has been sitting in the cupboard far too long. There is some initial sharpness, but little creaminess and while this would be a great mixer I do not enjoy it neat because it, in my view, lacks layers to explore.
Finish: Lovely finish develops with some bitter tartness replacing the sugary sweetness.
This is very good vodka with a beautiful lolly-shop nose (licorice based lollies/candy)
A little one dimensional on the palate I found
$80 (Aus), $42 (US), £40

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