Jameson Special Reserve 12 Year Old


Medium (high on the entry) 
Medium and mellow 
Best served:
Glazed cherries, sherry, spicy oak, buttery creaminess, raisins  
In a nutshell:
A burst of spicy oak is washed away by a wave of sweet sherry and glazed cherry encased in a luscious buttery creaminess and sprinkes of dark chocolate and raisin that layer the tongue, ending with bitter herbaceous notes much like wet tea leaves with some ground coffee and creamy sweetness 
Punchy yet mellow, sweet yet bitter and sour, creamy and luscious
The sherry can be a little too dominant 

Aged for 12 years, this Jameson boasts a sweet sherry and Pot Still charm that sparkles within a creaminess that oozes complex oak and spice, in particular dark chocolate and mud cake layered with raisins and various herbs. This whiskey is is dense in the glass and seriously mellow on the palate, and yet it has a forceful Irish punch!


Powerful in the glass, this whiskey pulsates the sweetness of glazed cherries in a creamy setting of milk chocolate as an array of complex herbs develop with the dominance of freshly crushed mint leaves with some sprigs of jasmine. Stone fruits develop, both fresh and dried. Fresh plum develops into prune and then sultana/raisin.


The sweet glazed cherries identified on the nose move to the palate, but the milk chocolate becomes mush denser and transforms into dark chocolate as the bitter and spicy oak whips the tongue with lashes of black tea leaves. There is a distinct buttery creaminess in this whisky that layers the tongue, as the beautiful sherry balances against the spicy oak leaving a gentle tide of Pot Still character splashing against the palate. The Jameson 12 Year Old is full bodied and it delivers a sharp whip on the palate that is delightfully refreshing among the general silken and creamy lusciousness of this whiskey. The creaminess is more buttery than milky on the palate.


The tongue throbs from the sharp whips of flavour that radiate strongly off it, as bitter oak and black damp tea leaves dominate with dense sour cherry and helpings of ground coffee with splashes of cream. The bright glow of sweet sherry is a constant within the symphony of character projected by the oak, wonderful!

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