The Waiting Room, Crown

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Ambiance: ★★★★★★
Staff knowledge: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★★★
Spirits diversity: 
Value: ★★★★
Whisky diversity: ★★★★★
Food (dessert): 
Overall: ★★★★

The Waiting Room is a bar nestled within the opulent surrounds of the Crown hotel lobby, with black marble and a magnificent chandelier illuminating the intimate environment. It is partitioned from the lobby, but also has a beautiful inside area with tables and seats.


The ambiance is fantastic. It is opulent and beautiful, but also very casual; a place where you can go for a quiet drink and cake. We went on a Saturday night, and it was busy but not cramped. The tables are placed with good space between them so it is not noisy at all and there is lots of personal space.

Staff knowledge and service 

Service is top notch. We were greeted by a well mannered staff member who helped us navigate the menu and the bar was knowledgeable about spirits and cocktails.

Spirits and whisky diversity 

The menu boasts a variety of spirits, from Scotch to grappa. It has a good selection of whisky, and in particular Scotch and American whiskey. However, not all their whiskies are listed on the menu. When I approached the bar I saw many whiskies that were not on the menu, including whiskies from the Elements of Islay range. They also offer a Port Ellen! The bartender confirmed that not all their spirits are listed on the menu. My advice would be to go to the very well stocked bar and have a look to see if you can find something you want to try.

I had a Sazerac Rye. Greta is a big help, as sometimes when I am off inspecting the bar she will “surprise” me with a whisky so I can blind taste it, rate it etc and then when the bill comes… I know what it is.


The price of the spirits and dessert, considering the opulent surroundings and lovely ambiance, was excellent. The servings are generous and measured, and that is always a big positive!


We had a lovely dessert after a big dinner at Jimbo & Rex at Crown. It is a very well made “Opera” with edible gold and a blueberry  Greta tucked into it while I was distracted by the range of spirits on the menu and at the bar!


Greta gives this bar full marks, a 10/10 in her book. As for me, well, I give it an excellent five stars. The Waiting Room at Crown is a bar you should visit for a casual drink and dessert in the opulent surrounds of Crown. As an added bonus, we saw a very well known Irish singer stride past our table!

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