Talisker 10 Year Old


Score: 89/100

ABV: 45.8%
Region: Isle of Skye, Scotland
Body: Light-medium 
Texture: Medium-oily 
Best served:
Theme(s): Spicy cocoa bean fuming with mild smokiness!
Likes: Soft peat with bursts of spice and fruit

Dislikes: Bumpy finish
Price: $60

Talisker is the only distillery in the Isle of Skye, which is located far up north off the Scottish mainland. This is an island whisky which offers the soft breeze of peat and smoke fuming off diverse cutting spiciness that is moderated by sweet bursts of fruit and the most gentle – almost unnoticeable – sea breeze. It is this lovely balance of flavours that makes Talisker 10 Year Old a brilliant whisky for those cold nights!


Gentle fumes of smoke deliver mild mannered peat that wafts up with juicy orange and bitter-sweet zest. The earthiness is also noticeable, as the oak cuts through the fruitiness with its sparks of spiciness. Cocoa pierces the nose as vanilla caresses it, almost apologizing for the spicy onslaught!


On the palate hot coals glowing red burn dry grass, as the spark of gentle peat releases a mild smokiness that is delightful. Moving on without disruption from the nose is that citrus fruit – orange and some lemon – which adds sweetness to the mild spice rack on the tongue; cocoa and cinnamon with bursts of cayenne pepper. The saltiness of cured meats also develops gently with the gentlest sea breeze.
I recall being disappointed by the finish, but then as though aware of my disappointment the whisky glowed brightly on the tongue suddenly like a lantern in the night. The spiciness continued to warm my tongue and then it retreated.

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