Thomson 18 Year Old


Score: 76/100

ABV: 46%
Body: Medium 
Intensity: Medium-high
Texture: Medium
Balance: Good, though skewed towards the end 
Best served: Neat
Likes: Nice body and intensity, superb nose
Dislikes: Skewed finish, too spicy and intense

The Thomson 18 Year Old has an impeccable nose, busting with blackcurrant and spicy oak. It is quite a presence in the glass, and it is not hard to take delight in it. Then, on the palate, the character of this whisky is also very enjoyable, with bitter oak merging with some hints of spice and dense berry fruits. It is all very lovely, until the most peculiar flavour begins to shine through almost like soap suds cutting the back of the tongue; overly spicy at this stage. It is an experience I did not much enjoy, but as I have said this occurred towards the end of the tastings.

Also, this is a single cask offering so the character of the whisky might be a reflection of the cask. 

I blind tasted this whisky several times, and again alongside whiskies of a similar style and strength. Because of its peculiar finish that whips the tongue in a way I do not much like, I like this whisky but do not think about having another dram.

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