Slyrs Bavarian Single Malt Whisky

Score: 68/100
ABV: 43%
Origin: Germany

Slyrs is single malt whisky from Bavaria in Germany. It is aged for three years in American white oak and offers a conservative introduction into German whisky. The other whiskies in the Slyrs range offer some more interesting twists and turns, being matured in various wood types, but this Slyrs is a simple single malt matured in American oak in Bavaria – I can see a Fräulein bringing me a Steiner glass overflowing with foamy German lager right now… ah, the simple pleasured in life! This thought of mine may seem unconnected with whisky, but it just occurred to me that because whisky is basically made from distilling unhopped beer then Germany has the potential to use its beer brewing expertise to create a whisky that can be quite young and exhibit all the finer points of the barley, the malt, the yeast and the wash. 
On the nose the smell of firm husky cereal and mild vanilla wafts up with honey soy bean yoghurt and malty notes interlaced with green apple, brown vinegar and wet bird feed. On the palate broiled chestnuts underpin a strange nuttiness that melds with apple and sultana as that sweetness then morphs into a slightly yeasty lager type finish. This just seems a bit too underdone for me, because it projects a lot of distillate driven character but without sufficient oak influence to smooth out the edges – it seems immature.

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