Limeburners Barrell M98

Western, Australia
Body: Medium
Intensity: High
Texture: Medium
Balance: OK
Best served: Neat
Likes: Nice kick
Dislikes: Strange duct tape/raw dough in character
Price: $200

The Limeburners M98 is a whisky of the Great Southern Distilling Company, located in Western Australia It is a single cask barrel strength whisky that is matured in 100 litre ex-Bourbon American oak casks and then finished in ex-Sherry casks.

This whisky struck me with its peculiar character, and I could not quite put my finger on it at first. On the nose I could detect something that I felt was not quite right, and at first it resembled the glue and plastic of duct tape. As the whisky rested in the glass, it developed into the musty smell of wet raw dough; wholemeal in fact. What I notice with this whisky is that it has quite a rummy feel to it; it feels young, sweet, yet wood influenced. It certainly packs quite a punch at 60% ABV, but this is one of those whiskies that I think is either liked or not liked because of its odd character.

Tasting notes – Limeburners M98

Apart from that strange duct tape/raw dough character, I got a lot of lovely notes shining through the strangeness.That strangeness was more pronounced because I blind tasted this whisky alongside other whiskies.


Sweet sherry bounces up from the glass with layers of vanilla drenched over dried apricot and malt, but that raw dough/duct tape continues to smack against my nostrils unsettling the experience.


The sweet sherry moves from the nose to the palate with some vanilla and apricot, but on the palate comes bursts of dry grapefruit and prune with spicy peppery ginger and the zest of lime. Whatever buttery oiliness that is noticeable, though, is stripped away by the artificiality of that glue I can detect.

The finish on this whisky is decent, though it loses its puff quite quickly.


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