Chivas Regal 18 Year Old

Score: 90/100

ABV: 40%
Region: Scotland
Body: Medium  
Best served:
Theme(s): Apple and spice and some things nice
Likes: Delicate complexity with sweetness
Dislikes: Some things not nice, bitter! A tad dull.
Price: $75

There are some gentle flowers that need some nurturing before they unfurl to reveal their beauty. I think that the Chivas Regal 18 Year Old is one such beauty, because it offers softness and suppleness that needs close attention to fully appreciate. 

Chivas Regal needs no introduction. It is probably one of the most popular brands of Scotch whisky in the world, second only to Johnnie Walker. This particular Chivas Regal whisky is the 18 Year Old, which is probably the best value whisky in the Chivas Regal core range (in addition to the 12 Year old and the 21 Year Old Royal Salute). It is, of course, a blended whisky with some grain whisky. 

Chivas Regal 18 Year Old – Tasting Notes 

This is a soft and gentle whisky at first, which then unleashes some piercing spiciness and bursts of fruity sweetness; apple and apricot especially. This whisky has a lovely fire that is spicy and dry, with hints of smoke and lots of lovely dried fruit. Cocoa and dark chocolate also lingers. It is crisp and vibrant, but loses its puff quickly and comes off as dull and lethargic after a while without much “fireworks”. It also had a bitter note that detracted from the experience. Apart from that, it is a very well constructed blend.


The nose on this whisky is soft and supple and extremely gentle. Ground cocoa moderates sweet apricot and apple, as spice pierces the nostrils. It is rich and elegant on the nose, with some pepper and lemon coming later.


On the palate this whisky releases a velvety butterscotch that is slightly thinner than what I had experienced with the Johnnie Walker Platinum Label. It also released ground cocoa with pepper and an array of spices such as cinnamon. There is dried apple and apricot coming in the middle of the tasting, with a very pleasant dry and sweet smokiness on the tongue. 
This whisky has a long finish that tickles the tongue with its sumptuousness. It does literally tickle the tongue. My tongue tingles with smoke and spicy dryness and the sweetness of fruit. It lasts a very long time.

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