Glenora Glen Breton 10 Year Old

Glenora is a good Canadian whisky that strikes the palate like a dense fog, releasing a musty base with glimmers of fruit that are somewhat overwhelmed with bitterness. This whisky is smooth on the palate, but it seems a little too unbalanced to the sour side.


The colour of this whisky is straw, like a crisp white wine.


Dense bread and butter pudding gently whiffs up with the musty fragrance of leather bound books that have sat neglected for a very long time. Within the bitter blackcurrant and tide of malt is a spritz of lemon juice cutting through like a lonely figure.


Delightfully crisp on the entry, this whisky delivers a mellow gush of flavours that slide on the palate like velvet. The bitter-sweetness of honeyed grapefruit zest begins on the tongue, but this soon morphs into a dry sourness as though the honeyed zest was replaced with a big helping of grapefruit fresh. There is a subtle sparkle of cinnamon in the blackdrop of bark as a twist of lime adds a tangy aftertaste to the wave of alcohol that floods in.


The finish on this whisky is excellent, lasting a very long time. It leans towards the dry and sour side without being dominated by sweetness. It is possibly a little too sour and bitter, with a noticeable wave of rough alcohol detracting from the silky smooth gracefulness of this otherwise enjoyable whisky.

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