Glenkinchie 12 Year Old


The Sleepy Little Whisky 

Like a cola shaken much too hard, this whisky was missing the sparkle commonly associated with single malt whisky.This is a tale about a sleepy little whisky, who, in my view, could simply not keep up with the big boys.


I am greeted with floral tones and citrus fruit like grapefruit that are subtly released rather than striking the nose with an immediate thump. Unable to peel away any layers with this whisky, I am left slightly unimpressed with the nose on this whisky.


A beautiful light orange.


Smooth and light citrus fruit and bitter orange slowly develop while a short lived fruity sweetness wrestles with lemon myrtle and mandarin peel to bring elements of bitterness towards the end. Not bad.


Unimpressive. The warmth and flavor fizzles away like a cheap firework.


An enjoyable whisky that is light, floral and fruity with sweet and bitter. On this occasion the scent did not immediately strike my nose and I was left searching without much success at peeling away layers which may or may not exist. On the tongue the experience is much the same. No real oomph could be detected in this whisky, and the flavor dawdled in slowly like a young lad coming home from an unsuccessful first date! Not for me, as I enjoy robust and energetic whisky that punches the palate and the nose in its own unique way.


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