Best Bars in Bali (for spirit tasting)

Bali offers an incredibly good culinary experience that includes access to excellent quality spirits at reasonable prices. Scattered throughout Bali are restaurants and bars that put the finest establishments in Melbourne to shame, so in this post I want to share with you my favourite five bars in Bali for spirit tasting (especially whisky and cognac). All these bars are part of multinational hotel chains or are market leaders in their own right, which means top notch service and quality (it also means you can trust that you are getting the spirit that you are paying for!). These bars have reasonable prices and a good selection of spirits in a vibrant and opulent environment that makes the tasting experience that much more enjoyable!


The Potato Head Beach Club is located in Seminkyak, Bali. It is beautifully designed, with a carefully constructed tunnel of mosaic style French doors on the entry and a bar overlooking a pool. It has a good selection of spirits, and it is reasonably priced. 


Ku De Ta is located in the Oberoi, and it is a spectacular bar that is directly on the beach. I remember sipping slowly on a Scotch while lying back on a soft couch and looking out to the setting sun while energetic music played in the background. Magic!

The Hard Rock Cafe in Bali is located on the same street as Beachwalk, the new shopping area bustling with hungry and thirsty tourists! You know what that means – good places to eat and drink! The Hard Rock Cafe is an excellent place to have a dram in the early evening, though it gets a little busy later in the night.

If you do decide to visit Bali, I hope you have the chance to enjoy some of the expressions these establishments have on offer.

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