Clontarf Single Malt

A lovely straw colour, this whisky has a nice thick texture that hugs the glass. It has a wonderful nose, releasing lemon and rainfall, moderately sweet white wine like pinot gris or sauvignon blanc, some walnuts and a lovely grassy backdrop, not dry but lush like moss. Apricots and prunes come through, all swirled into a nice creamy porridge.
Very smooth and soft, lots of fruitiness and spice hits the tongue with that fine smack of porridge and bitter dryness of white wine as sweet bursts of prunes cur through that dry fog.
Very nice and long finish on this whiskey, smooth and not overpowering but gentle.
This whisky dances on the tongue ever so softly like a graceful ballerina. It does not have dramatic punch but it tip toes on the tongue with majesty and grace. Lovely! I would have liked a bit more smack, though. It is a little disappointing when it hits the tongue, because a lot more is expected. This whisky has a fabulous nose, but it is let down a bit by its taste and finish; much too weak and dry with not enough body.

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