Dimple 15 Year Old

Indifferent  ★★★


I found it difficult to find positive reviews of Dimple 15 Year old on the internet; though this whisky has received a number of awards at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (it was awarded a gold medal in 2011 according to Wine Searcher).  I searched briefly for some reviews of this whisky but did not find any positive ones. Nonetheless, Dimple is a staple in the blended scotch world and a very popular blend.
I like the bottle. I am not sure about the wire on the bottle, though… unless the bottle likes wearing fishnet stockings.
Dimple is produced by Haig, which is now owned by giant Diageo. The first Dimple whisky was distilled in 1890, and about three years after this the distinctive Dimple bottle was introduced. This whisky is a blend of over 30 malt and grain whiskies that are a minimum 15 years of age.  Some online research reveals (though, this does not appear on the official website of Diageo but rather reputable retailers) that this blend is based on Glenkinchie. I am not a fan of the Glenkinchie single malt, so, combined with the reviews I have read, my expectations of this whisky are low.
Smooth and soft, this whisky has cereal and soft fruit at its core. Pear and cooked apple drift up with sponge cake, corn and porridge. The sharpness of chardonnay cuts through the subtlety of walnuts. Keeping with the sweet theme, the smell of lemon meringue and honey gets my attention.
Bitter orange strikes my tongue immediately, with notes of sweet honey. Initially a little dull, the intensity of flavor slowly builds up. This whisky has a spicy and fruity clout in the middle of the tasting that fades and is overtaken by a dry smokiness and hints of wood.
The flavor of this whisky remains on my tongue for about a minute and 15 seconds after swallowing, quickly fading after that. This is pretty good! A few reviews say that the finish is short lived, but my tasting of this whisky reveals a whisky with a fine finish.
This whisky is initially quite dull. Be patient! Savour it, let it swirl in your mouth, and this whisky will deliver a brilliantly complex flavor in the middle of the tasting and in the finish. The flavor of this whisky builds up after hitting the tongue. It is wonderfully smooth, and a great whisky for blend drinkers to unpack.
I do not agree with some online reviews about this whisky. Yes, it starts a little lifeless and boring but then, with some patient swirling, it delivers an energetic charge of citrus flavours that gradually give way (but not completely) to dry smokiness and wood; this offers great depth and complexity. The finish is excellent.

I think this whisky will start to climb up my favourites list as we get to know each other a little better!

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