Hellyers Road Tasmanian Whisky Cream Liqueur

HR whisky cream.jpg

Type: Whisky based cream liqueur 

Origin: Tasmania, Australia 

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How to nose and taste whisky

whisky tasting malt mileage

When I introduce people to whisky, often I am asked: “how do I drink it?”. The obvious answer may be to just put some whisky in your mouth and swallow it, but that would make a drinker miss important aspects of the whisky’s character: its aroma, its mouth-feel, and nuances in its taste and finish. So, as silly as it may sound at first blush, the question “how do I drink whisky” is actually a really good question.

Step 1 – choose the right glass

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The Big Smoke Blended Islay Malt 60


Type: Malt blend

Origin: Islay, Scotland

ABV: 60% Continue reading

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Shui Jing Fang Red Fortune Chinese baijiu

baijiuType: Baijiu

Origin: China 

ABV: 52% Continue reading

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12 whiskies and spirits for this Christmas and New Year


The festive season is upon us, and this jovial time calls for a look at a dozen spirits that will be sure to bring you added cheer and joy.

1. Hellyers Road 10 year old Slightly Peated

Have in mind something unique and slightly peaty? Hellyers Road 10 year old Slightly Peated is a Tasmanian single malt whisky that is sure to please. Hellyers Road disclose the age of many of their malts, which is not commonly done by whisky distilleries in Australia. This is a delectable malt, which is perfect for celebrating special occasions and life’s triumphs. Only serious and seasoned malt drinkers will appreciate this one, because it has an unusual and unique character – it is almost like a blur of yuzu, grapefruit, apricot, golden kiwi fruit, orange oil, orange and grapefruit zest, soot, charred wood, charcoal and smoke with a hint of creaminess. And that is just my first impression.  The smokiness in this malt tastes like campfire smoke. Hellyers Road has cemented itself as my favourite Australian whisky distillery.  Continue reading

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Westland Peated American single malt whiskey


Malt Mileage Rating: ★★★★

Type: Single malt whiskey

Origin: Seattle, United States

ABV: 46%

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Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège

hennessy-vsopMalt Mileage Rating: ★★★★

Type: Brandy

Origin: Cognac, France 

ABV: 40%

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